Sites With Population/Census Data

African Population Database From 1960. Registration required. UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) & Columbia University’s Center for International Earth Science Information Network.

Afro-Louisiana slave database From 1719. Dr. Gwendolyn Hall, Professor Emerita at Rutgers.

British India population, migration, and trade From 1840. University of Chicago’s Digital South Asia Library.

Canadian census data For 1852 and 1881. Universite de Montreal.

Center for Geographic Analysis A center at Harvard University focusing on spatial analysis and geographic information.

DANS - A large social science database on data ranging from migration to health sciences Registration is required and contribution is encouraged. DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services) is an institute of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences AND Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

European economic, demographic, and environmental statistics From 1980. UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe).

Great Britain socioeconomic and census data From 1801 to 1961 in interactive map format. University of Portsmouth, Great Britain Historical GIS Project.

Great Britain’s Victorian Census Project Includes 1831 census data. Click on “The 1831 Census” to download excel file. Staffordshire University.

Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) - USA From 1850. A project dedicated to collecting and distributing census data; this is the United States branch. Minnesota Population Center.

Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS)-International From 1960s. A project dedicated to collecting and distributing census data; this is the international branch. Minnesota Population Center.

Israel socioeconomic data From 1950s. Request permission in writing. Data is in SPSS, SAS, STATA formats. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israeli Social Sciences Data Center.

Japan Historical Statistics A large collection of social science data from 1868 to date. In Excel format. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Latin America socioeconomic data From 1900 to 2000. University of Oxford Latin American Economic History database.

Norwegian census data For 1865, 1875, and 1900. University of Tromsø, Norwegian Historical Data Center.

Population Reference Bureau Datafinder 21st century data. PRB is an organization which informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment. Included with current data regarding germane issues such as the spread of AIDS and projections regarding population growth in various parts of the

Scottish statistical accounts From 1791. Full access exclusively for subscribers. Non-subscribers may browse scanned pages. University of Edinburgh.

Soviet Nationalities data From 1926. Need SPSS or SAS & free registration to view. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Swedish macroeconomic and demographic data From 1735. Lund University Department of Economic History.

UNDP Human Development Report Includes human development index beginning from the 1990s United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Data Searches 22 UN databases, with over 60 million social science records. United Nations.

US census data From 1790. University of Virginia Library.

US mapping and census data From 1790. The National Historical Geographic Information System project. Part of University of Minnesota’s Population Center.

Vancouver and parts of British Columbia census data From 1871. Vancouver Island University.

World Bank Data & Research Current and historic reports on economic, demographic, and many other types of national and international statistics. Many reports available on climate, development, HIV, agriculture, finance, and other topics. Click on "Data & Research" tab to access dat The World Bank.

World geopolitical and human population data From 1950. A personal site run by Johan van der Heyden.

World historical data on labor Between 1500-2000. Click on “Database with data on cross section 1900” for a large access file. International Institute of Social History: A Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations in the period 1500-2000

World population, GDP, and Per capita GDP From 1 AD – 2006. Click on links under Historical Statistics for excel files. Angus Maddison, University of Groningen.

World social science data Include categories such as census, health care, and social indicators. Registration is required to view data. University of Michigan’s ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research).

World social science data General public can access certain data. SPSS or SAS & free registration needed to view. University of Wisconsin-Madison Online Data Archive.

World social science indicators From 1975. Registration is required. Australian Social Science Data Archive.