Sites With General/Other Social Science Data

Center for Geographic Analysis A center at Harvard University focusing on spatial analysis and geographic information.

Contemporary and historical migration data. United States focus. Some Global data. Migration Policy Institute Data Hub.

DANS - A large social science database on data ranging from migration to health sciences Registration is required and contribution is encouraged. DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services) is an institute of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences AND Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

Finland’s socioeconomic database From 1975. Finland national government.

Gary King’s Dataverse Page Datasets compiled by the David Florence Professor of Government at Harvard University.

Great Britain social science database From 1841. Registration required and data must be ordered. University of Essex Art and Humanities Data Service.

Great Britain socioeconomic and census data From 1801 to 1961 in interactive map format. University of Portsmouth, Great Britain Historical GIS Project.

India, Indonesia and Japan data on human capital From the late 19th century. Debrechen University (Hungary).

Japan Historical Statistics A large collection of social science data from 1868 to date. In Excel format. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Political Database of the Americas From around 1950s-2000s. Provides data on election results and other political indicators in North and South America. Georgetown University.

Population Reference Bureau Datafinder 21st century data. PRB is an organization which informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment. Included with current data regarding germane issues such as the spread of AIDS and projections regarding population growth in various parts of the

Slave movements in the 18th and 19th century SPSS or SAS needed & free registration to view. University of Wisconsin-Madison Data and Information Services Center.

South Korea contemporary socioeconomic data From 1970. Data is viewable solely through Internet Explorer. Korea’s National Statistical Office’s Korean Statistical Information System.

UNDP Human Development Report Includes human development index beginning from the 1990s United Nations Development Programme

UNESCO Data Centre Customizable International datasets about education, science & technology, culture & communication, and literacy. Links to the main UNESCO site where additional links are available to documents, studies, etc. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

United Nations Data Searches 22 UN databases, with over 60 million social science records. United Nations.

World Bank Data & Research Current and historic reports on economic, demographic, and many other types of national and international statistics. Many reports available on climate, development, HIV, agriculture, finance, and other topics. Click on "Data & Research" tab to access dat The World Bank.

World social science data Include categories such as census, health care, and social indicators. Registration is required to view data. University of Michigan’s ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research).

World social science data General public can access certain data. SPSS or SAS & free registration needed to view. University of Wisconsin-Madison Online Data Archive.

World social science indicators From 1975. Registration is required. Australian Social Science Data Archive.