Sites With Economic Data

Asian Historical Statistics Project Provides economic data on select Asian countries. Certain Data are only available in Japanese. Institute of Economic Research Hitotsubashi University.

British India population, migration, and trade From 1840. University of Chicago’s Digital South Asia Library.

Canadian macroeconomic indicators From 1871. Queen’s University MADGIC Library.

Colonial Latin America economic datasets From circa 1500-1900. Economic History Data Desk is a personal site maintained by Richard L. Garner (PhD, retired).

DANS - A large social science database on data ranging from migration to health sciences Registration is required and contribution is encouraged. DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services) is an institute of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences AND Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

European economic, demographic, and environmental statistics From 1980. UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe).

European Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank From circa 1300s. Rutgers University.

Hong Kong Economic History Database From 1935. Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research.

Iceland historical economic data From the early 1900s. In Excel format. Icelandic National Economic Institute.

Israel socioeconomic data From 1950s. Request permission in writing. Data is in SPSS, SAS, STATA formats. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israeli Social Sciences Data Center.

Japan Historical Statistics A large collection of social science data from 1868 to date. In Excel format. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Japan trade data From 1930. London School of Economics.

Latin America socioeconomic data From 1900 to 2000. University of Oxford Latin American Economic History database.

Netherlands National Accounts data From 1800-1913. Click on source file on the left bar to download database in Access format. University of Groningen.

Norwegian historical exchange rates. From 1819. In PDF format. Norges Bank, Norway’s central bank

Scottish Economic History From 1550 to 1780. International Institute of Social History.

Scottish statistical accounts From 1791. Full access exclusively for subscribers. Non-subscribers may browse scanned pages. University of Edinburgh.

Swedish macroeconomic and demographic data From 1735. Lund University Department of Economic History.

UNDP Human Development Report Includes human development index beginning from the 1990s United Nations Development Programme