External Data Sets

Afro-Louisiana slave database
From 1719.
Dr. Gwendolyn Hall, Professor Emerita at Rutgers.

Asia, Europe and North America mortality data
From 1751.
University of California - Berkeley, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Mortality Database.

Canadian macroeconomic indicators
From 1871.
Queen’s University MADGIC Library.

China Multi-Generational Panel Dataset, Liaoning
From 1749-1909.
Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR).

Colonial Latin America economic datasets
From circa 1500-1900.
History Data Desk is a personal site maintained by Richard L. Garner (PhD, retired).

Alternatively, the site can be accessed from here:

Correlates of War
Data cataloging the history of war and conflict (and some economic data, e.g. “Bilateral Trade, 1870-2006”). From 1816. 
Correlates of War Project, Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR)
Demographic datasets. From 1705 (“Census of Turin, Italy, 1705”).  To view historical datasets, search a blank field and sort results by time period (oldest).
Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR), hosted by ICPSR.

Demographic, Social, Educational and Economic Data for France
From 1833-1925.
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

European Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank
From circa 1300s.
Rutgers University.

Gary King’s Dataverse Page
Datasets compiled by the David Florence Professor of Government at Harvard University.

Geo Data Portal
A large collection of contemporary environmental science data, though some datasets go as far back as 1870 (e.g. Ocean Acidification).
United Nations Environment Programme.

Global Price and Income History Group
From 10th century. Data is presented in an interactive map format.

Hong Kong Economic History Database
From 1935.
Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research.

India, Indonesia and Japan data on human capital 
From the late 19th century. A site maintained by Dr. Bas van Leeuwen, Warwick University.

Israel socioeconomic data
From 1950s. Request permission in writing. Data is in SPSS, SAS, STATA formats.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israeli Social Sciences Data Center.

Japan Historical Statistics
A large collection of social science data from 1868 to date. In Excel format.
Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Japan trade data
From 1930. Click on .xls files for Excel data.
The History and Economic Development Group.

Netherlands National Accounts data
From 1800-1913. Click on source file on the left bar to download database in Access format.
University of Groningen.

Norwegian census data
For 1865, 1875, and 1900.
University of Tromsø, Norwegian Historical Data Center.

Penn World Table
From 1950.
Purchasing power parity and national income data for various countries.
Center for International Comparisons of Production, Income and Prices, University of Pennsylvania.

Political Regimes and Regime Transitions in Africa
From 1910-1994.
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

The Polity IV Project
Political authority data (democratic and autocratic measurements) of countries from 1800-2009

Puerto Rico Census Project
From 1910.
Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR).

Scottish Economic History
From 1550 to 1780.
International Institute of Social History.

Slave movements in the 18th and 19th century
SPSS or SAS needed & free registration to view.
University of Wisconsin-Madison Data and Information Services Center.

Swedish macroeconomic and demographic data
From 1735.
Lund University Department of Economic History.

The Long-Term Effects of Africa’s Slave Trades
From 1400 to present. Country level data on historic slave exports during the Indian Ocean, trans-Atlantic, Red Sea, and trans-Saharan slave trades each century from 1400 to 1900.
Harvard University.

Time Series Data Library
A collection of about 800 time series datasets from a range of topics. The site contains mainly contemporary datasets, though includes a handful of historical data (.e.g “Real daily wages in pounds, England. 1260 – 1994”).
Maintained by Rob Hyndman, Associate Professor in the Department of Econometrics & Business Statistics at Monash University, Australia.

University of California - Berkeley, Population Center
Collects migration-related data sites. The link provided here separates data sources by region.

US (historical) census data
From 1790.
University of Virginia Library.

US, UK, China and Japan historical economic indicators – prices, household consumption, income and output
From 1264 (UK), 1774 (US), 1879 (Japan), 1952 (China).
Measuring Worth is an independently run website by Economics professors nationwide.

US, UK, France and Germany Macrohistory Database
Economic datasets of the from pre-World War I period to the mid-20th century. Data is separated into 16 broad chapters ranging from interest rates to foreign trade.
National Bureau of Economic Research.

Vancouver and parts of British Columbia census data
From 1871.
Vancouver Island University.

Volkstellingen 1795-1971 (Dutch Census 1795-1971)
From 1795-1971.
Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services and Statistics Netherlands.